Pachamama Coffee is honored to have been included in WordPress.Com ‘s 2019 “Anything is Possible List”, a compilation of entrepreneurs and individuals leveraging a WordPress site to ignite change within their communities and around the world.

The list features changemakers from all walks of life, each of whom saw a need and thought outside the box for a solution. From a 12-year-old who started and operates her town’s only newspaper to a single mother threatened with homelessness who made a career blogging about her experiences, each of the stories collected reflects the impact that ideas can have when they are met with the right tools: in this case, a WordPress site.

Our online operations have been hosted by WordPress since the beginning. With the flexibility offered by the platform, telling our story in a visually compelling and accessible way was as easy as sitting down with our laptop and a cup of coffee. Thanks to our website at , we are able to connect our patrons with the farmers that own our company through a coffee C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) program. A coffee drinker in North America does not have to look further than our site to sign on as a continued supporter of small scale coffee farmers in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Peru.

The accounts given on the Anything is Possible list are proof that when a dream is given a platform, the world becomes a better place. We are humbled to join this list. Ours is just one of many stories of a desire to shake up the status quo, speak up for those who have been marginalized, and create and more equitable future for humankind.