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Board of Directors

Our boardroom is governed by coffee farmers

Board of Directors

There are five directors on Pachamama’s Board of Directors, one representing each of the five cooperative members in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and Ethiopia. Farmers vote to elect directors from their respective organizations. The board of directors meet in person every April in the U.S. to conduct business and allocate profits. Our coffee farmers empower themselves by retaining 100% ownership and control of the business. Farmer governance and ownership gives farmers a voice in the U.S. coffee industry; a voice they have long deserved.

Pachamama’s Board of Directors

Merling Preza, President

PRODECOOP, Nicaragua

Carlos Reynoso, Vice President

Manos Campesinas, Guatemala

Ruben Zuñiga Peralta, Secretary

La Unión Regional de Huatusco, Mexico

Guillermo Aguilar, Director


Unassigned, Director

Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-op Union, Ethiopia