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Know Your Farmer

Meet the coffee farmers

At Pachamama, we aspire to connect coffee lovers with coffee farmers. Coffee beans travel great distances en route to your cup. A great cup of coffee, produced responsibly, requires many people thought the supply chain. Many coffee consumers seek a more direct connection to coffee farmers, which is why we created Traceable Coffee in 2010. It's a simple way know some of the farmers that grew and harvested our coffee.

Meet Sofia Vanegas

A skilled and passionate coffee farmer in San Juan Río Coco, Nicaragua. Sofia is a member-owner of PRODECOOP Cooperative and a leader in her community.

Meet the Aguilar Family

Pedro and Timoteo Aguilar are family farmers in the Santa Teresa Valley of Peru. Expert farmers, they produce amazing organic coffee at an elevation of more than 5,500 feet.

Meet Gregory Sanchez

Gregory has been a coffee farmer all of his life. He is happy working his small, organic coffee farm in northern Nicaragua.

Meet Maritza Colindres

Martiza Colindres is a hardworking and talented coffee farmer Nicaragua. Maritza is a landowner and a dedicated member of PRODECOOP Cooperative.