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100% Farmer Owned

Sofia Vanegas is a small-scale coffee farmer in Río Coco, Nicaragua. Through Pachamama Coffee, a global cooperative 100% owned by coffee farmers, Sofia and her community can deliver freshly roasted coffee directly to you in 2-3 days!


Freshly Roasted Coffee Directly from Family Farmers Around the World

Organic Coffee

Pachamama Coffee offers you a chance to have a meaningful relationship with a hard-working family farmer and drink their best freshly roasted coffee. Choose from a variety of organic, single-origin coffees as well as blends, decaf and espresso roasts.


Join our family of farmers and get your own personal supply of exceptional coffee, delivered monthly to your doorstep. We grow, harvest, import, and roast our best coffee in the Sacramento, CA. All coffee is roasted within 48 hours of shipping to you.


Send the gift of freshly roasted organic coffee to directly from farmers to your coffee loving friends and family. We offer gift boxes, a Pachamama photography book, gift cards, and you can also plant a coffee tree on one of our coffee farms.

Coffee Subscriptions

Select your coffee, choose your frequency, and enjoy freshly roasted coffee delivered directly to your doorstep. 

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